Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Father's Day


Okay, so I know I am REALLY late on this post, but it has been a busy week and a half since then, and I guess a late post is better than none at all :)

I have the best husband in the world and he happens to be an AWESOME dad. I don't know many guys who are as involved as B.J. is with their kids and able to balance high expectations with reality and gentleness as well as he does. Yes, there are times where I think "Wow, there is no way (fill in the blank with one of the kid's names) is able to do that. Why would you expect such a thing?" And then they amaze me and rise to the level expected of them.

B.J. knows his kids. He knows their strengths and weaknesses. He is intentional in his time with them and yet can throw his ideas out the window and sit down and play party with them. He is gentle and humble enough to apologize if he has caused hurt feelings and models wonderfully that it is okay to make mistakes, but here is how to fix them. My kids are so blessed to have a dad who loves God with his whole heart and seeks to walk uprightly before Him. Jesus is Lord of his life and it shows in every area of his life. I love that I have a husband who I can be proud of, who I can look up to, and who I get to be a partner with for the rest of our lives.

It is so cool how God designed families to have the balance of a mom and dad. Moms, overall, tend to be softer, gentler, and more nurturing. Dads tend to be more active in their play, expect more, and teach their kids how to 'brush it off'. Kids need both to grow and thrive. Though the generalities tend to hold true more often than not, B.J. is still good at nurturing, cuddling, and teaching our girls how to work through problems. He is also really good an helping me see areas where I am not following through like I should be. He is willing to learn and study all he can to help us grow in our abilities as parents, partners, and believers. Our family life would not have the richness and purpose that it has without B.J.'s support and partnership. I am blessed to call him my husband and my kids are tremendously blessed to have B.J. as their dad. Happy Father's Day, B.J.
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