Tuesday, March 15, 2011


For some reason, Little Tot has a propensity for ear infections. She never got one when she was breastfeeding. It wasn't until she weaned that they started. She had one in early summer and then another one at the end of summer. That one took 6 weeks to clear and resulted in an amox rash and a trip to the ER. That was also the one where the doctor seemed to really doubt our 'story' that our daughter had just mentioned that her ear 'hurt' a day or two before. After we had affirmed over and over that yes, she was sleeping fine...no, she wasn't pulling on her ear or fussy...no, she hadn't run a fever, etc. he seemed to offer the only logical solution. "She must have a high tolerance for pain." You think? The girl's eardrum was bulging and about to burst and all she had said was 'my ear hurts' once or twice.

You would think, after that experience, that I would be more vigilant to check for ear infections. And I am. I am always on the lookout for signs of pain or variations of normal. Nothing. Until yesterday at nap time. I went to lay her down and I heard the standard attempts at stalling naptime followed by 'my ear hurts' - accompanied by a whimper. "Wow, she's getting good at this" was my thought. I told her that a nap would help and to go to sleep. She was quiet for a few minutes and then started crying more. I went back up (with such a good attitude, I assure you) and asked what the problem was. She said she wanted to ride in the carrier. I told her after nap and to go to sleep. Again, she mentioned her ear hurting and was crying at this point (I couldn't tell if it was for the ear or the no carrier response). I tucked her back in (getting more frustrated at this point) and went downstairs to call my mom. I needed some perspective. Did I mention that I was in the middle of trying to quickly pull together a meal for a new mom at our church? Mom asked me a few questions and suggested that I give her some meds. Okay by me. Back upstairs.

I go to give the Motrin and Little Tot decides now is the time to decide she doesn't like the medicine and spit it out. Grrr. I get as much in as possible while trying to keep Little guy asleep on me in the carrier. Again, we try for a nap. Please, just a quick nap!

This time I didn't even get to the bottom of the stairs when she started screaming. I took a deep breath and went back upstairs and opened her door and gently comforted my daughter. Um, I wish. Actually, I went back upstairs, pushed the door open and, more harshly than I want to admit, said "WHAT?" "What is the matter?" My question was met with a startle and then a sobbing "My ear hurts!" I felt about the size of an ant. What kind of mother doesn't believe her own daughter telling her that her ear hurts??? In rolled the mommy-guilt. You know, that sick feeling that you have screwed up your daughter in a way that can never be repaired and one day she'll be sitting with a therapist who will discover that all of your daughter's problems date back to that one incident. But I digress.

The doctor's office couldn't see her until 5:45 in the evening and I still had a meal to deliver. I loaded up my two youngest, delivered the meal, got lost getting to the doctor, and detested every hill between me and the doctor's office all while my little daughter was crying, sobbing about her ear hurting. Guess what they told me? She has an ear infection. Thanks. There is fifteen dollars well spent. I think I already knew that! God bless my mom for being willing to go out that evening to pick up the prescription that the pharmacist took an hour and a half to fill resulting in DH not being able pick it up on his way to his meeting.

It is days like this that make me acutely aware that I can't do this mothering thing on my own. As much as I like to think I can, days like this prove I can't. I don't have the patience, wisdom, and godliness needed to parent my little blessings. Fortunately, God is a god of second chances and He gives grace when we fall short. I pray often for God to fill in where I fail. And I trust that He does. His Word tells us that His grace is sufficient. Not our own abilities - HIS GRACE. Days like this, I need that grace. And forgiveness. From Him and from my little ones. Fortunately, both are quick and gracious to forgive.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Kids are a BLESSING, people!

Our church is doing a parenting seminar this spring. They want everyone who has kids to get to attend the seminar - which means that those without kids are going to need to step up to cover childcare for the event. Since they are sometimes the most critical of kid's behavior and the lack of parenting these days, you would think that it wouldn't be that hard to recruit volunteers, right? WRONG!

I heard comments like "I don't have kids so why should I have to babysit?' "I don't have kids. Let the people who had the kids babysit." "I don't want our class (the college and career group) to always be seen as free childcare or potential Sunday School volunteers."

Few things get me fired up more than comments like this. They seem to be rooted in a deeper, 'kids are a burden' mentality. I can maybe give a pass to the secular community, but these comments were made by people in the church! Whatever happened to "Children are a blessing" and "Children are an inheritance from the Lord" and "Blessed is the man whose quiver is full (of kids)"?

Yes, children are a lot of work. It is more than a full-time job and parenting requires you to 'die to self' constantly, but it is full of joy, blessing and reward. Even if you take all that away, you have been asked to serve a group in the body who is in a different phase than you so that they can in turn fulfill their responsibilities to the Lord. The answer should be "YES!" Step out of your comfort zone, minister to the Body, and trust that God will take care of the rest! (steps off soapbox...)


I love having three little ones. I do. But sometimes it is just a little bit complicated to try to get all of us to somewhere...on time. However, I was apparently blissfully unaware of this 'complication' when I scheduled my dentist appointment six months ago. For 9am. Doable? Yes. Requires extra planning? Definitely!

I also hadn't thought through what I was going to do while my own teeth got cleaned. Sure, the kiddos are generally well behaved, but I could see Little Tot taking advantage of my inability to get her, much less talk to her. What to do? My Mom to the rescue. She offered to go in to work late so I could get my cleaning done and then she could take off and I would have the trio. God bless moms!!!!

Despite my concerns and a few bumps in the road (Why on earth were Little Tot's shoes in the shoe storage under the crib? Why were her outdoor glasses in the van?) we made it just in time and all three were fairly patient for my visit. I even handled the surprise of a pooping infant (you have to understand he usually only goes every few days) in a place with no place to change a baby (nothing like a waiting room change with a baby boy who isn't sure he's done).

All in all, a successful morning. And oh yeah, no cavities for either of us :) (phew!)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

So I was praying for Little Tot at naptime today and I prayed one of the things I always pray over my kids - that they would walk in the path God has prepared for them all the days of their life. Little Tot piped up right after I prayed that. "I don't want to walk, mom. I don't want to walk". Too funny :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Thumb vs. Binky

My Little Guy has found his thumb. I'm not sure whether to be happy or upset about this one. In the short run, it is nice when he finds it when upset and can self-soothe at the tender age of two months. On the other hand, thumbs are a HARD habit to break later on. With the binky, you can just make them disappear, deal with a couple of rough naps and bedtimes, and move on. With a thumb, there is no way to make it disappear (not legitimately) so you have to rely on your child's willingness and ability to break their own habit. A habit, that usually by the time they realize it should be broken, has had several years to ingrain itself into their everyday life.

I was an avid thumb sucker for FAR too long - much to my mother's and dentist's chagrin. I know first hand how hard a habit that can be. So, do I keep fighting my Little Guy's tendency by trying to push the binky? Or do I let go and go with the flow?

For now, I think I am going to ignore the future battle this could potentially turn into. It may never come, after all. For now, I am going to ooh and aah over how incredibly adorable it is to see my Little Guy with his tiny little thumb in his mouth. I'll deal with the rest later :)

Opening Thoughts

So, I love blogs. Really. I have many that I follow for as many different reasons. Some I follow because they are friends of mine and I want to keep in touch. Some I follow for Homeschool ideas. Some I follow because I am in awe of a parent's abilities and hope to gain some sort of wisdom and insight. I don't really know what this blog is for. I figure it will change and evolve as it goes.

Today, I am holding Little Guy as I type this. He is 2.5 months old and I am head-over-heels in love with him.
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Little Tot just came in telling me she has playdough in her teeth. When I remind her that isn't what it is for, she responds with "I like to eat playgough." Of course you do. Tuna sandwhich? Not so much. Cheese? Hit or miss, but playdough?

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And my Firstborn? She is nursing her baby in the bathroom.

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I love my job. Yes, I see my role as a mom as a real job. It is so much more than changing diapers, doing laundry, wiping noses, correcting manners, breaking up fights, and fighting the never-ending battle for a semi-clean home. I alone get to have a huge impact in shaping who my children will become. More than just manners and right from wrong, I get to introduce these little ones to their Heavenly Father. I get to make up songs and hand motions to help them store God's Word in their hearts. I get to model for them how to do the right thing no matter what the circumstance. It is a job I would never willingly pass off to another person or institution so I could fill my time with other things. It is a big role to fill. One which I am more aware every day that I can't do without God's strength, wisdom, and guidance. Oh yeah, and a very healthy dose of humor doesn't hurt too :)