Monday, March 7, 2011


I love having three little ones. I do. But sometimes it is just a little bit complicated to try to get all of us to somewhere...on time. However, I was apparently blissfully unaware of this 'complication' when I scheduled my dentist appointment six months ago. For 9am. Doable? Yes. Requires extra planning? Definitely!

I also hadn't thought through what I was going to do while my own teeth got cleaned. Sure, the kiddos are generally well behaved, but I could see Little Tot taking advantage of my inability to get her, much less talk to her. What to do? My Mom to the rescue. She offered to go in to work late so I could get my cleaning done and then she could take off and I would have the trio. God bless moms!!!!

Despite my concerns and a few bumps in the road (Why on earth were Little Tot's shoes in the shoe storage under the crib? Why were her outdoor glasses in the van?) we made it just in time and all three were fairly patient for my visit. I even handled the surprise of a pooping infant (you have to understand he usually only goes every few days) in a place with no place to change a baby (nothing like a waiting room change with a baby boy who isn't sure he's done).

All in all, a successful morning. And oh yeah, no cavities for either of us :) (phew!)

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