Friday, March 4, 2011

Opening Thoughts

So, I love blogs. Really. I have many that I follow for as many different reasons. Some I follow because they are friends of mine and I want to keep in touch. Some I follow for Homeschool ideas. Some I follow because I am in awe of a parent's abilities and hope to gain some sort of wisdom and insight. I don't really know what this blog is for. I figure it will change and evolve as it goes.

Today, I am holding Little Guy as I type this. He is 2.5 months old and I am head-over-heels in love with him.
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Little Tot just came in telling me she has playdough in her teeth. When I remind her that isn't what it is for, she responds with "I like to eat playgough." Of course you do. Tuna sandwhich? Not so much. Cheese? Hit or miss, but playdough?

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And my Firstborn? She is nursing her baby in the bathroom.

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I love my job. Yes, I see my role as a mom as a real job. It is so much more than changing diapers, doing laundry, wiping noses, correcting manners, breaking up fights, and fighting the never-ending battle for a semi-clean home. I alone get to have a huge impact in shaping who my children will become. More than just manners and right from wrong, I get to introduce these little ones to their Heavenly Father. I get to make up songs and hand motions to help them store God's Word in their hearts. I get to model for them how to do the right thing no matter what the circumstance. It is a job I would never willingly pass off to another person or institution so I could fill my time with other things. It is a big role to fill. One which I am more aware every day that I can't do without God's strength, wisdom, and guidance. Oh yeah, and a very healthy dose of humor doesn't hurt too :)

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