Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New pictures

Last night, I decided to check my email one last time before bed. I wasn't expecting anything fun, but I was surprised. Waiting in my inbox was an email from Lee - who is on the board with Swallow's Nest and currently in China adopting her little guy. She had volunteered to take a care package over to Liliana for us.

Mom and I went shopping to buy material and mom sewed a beautiful, cozy, warm blankie for Liliana. B.J. and I made a photo album so she could start to get used to what we look like, and a box of Teddy Grahams, which I had been informed, were a favorite with the kids in her house. We packaged everything, along with a card and letter and sent it off to Ohio to have it carried to China.

Below are five pictures I received. According to Lee, Liliana is very darling but quiet and shy and not a fan of strangers at all (not a surprise, based on what we have known so far). I think that is why she looks so hesitant in the pictures. She said she looks healthy and well nourished and can sit quite stably on her own.

It is always such a gift when we receive any word of our daughter. It is hard to trust God and His timing in all of this. We are still praying for a miracle time line that would allow us to get her home before Pelah's arrival - impossible based on current time lines, but with God we know all things are possible. However, we are also praying and trusting that Liliana will get to come home in HIS perfect time - not our own.

In the meantime, God is continuing to bless us and provide encouragement along this journey. In the past two weeks, He has blessed us with two different people blessing us financially in support of our adoption. He has also blessed us with pictures and updates and the knowledge that so many people are joining us in prayer for Liliana. It is amazing how tenderly He is guiding us on this path He has called us to. We serve an Awesome God!

Enjoy the pictures. The American lady holding Liliana is Lee and on the left is her daughter who is traveling with her.

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