Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Nighttime Parenting

So, I got the chance to remind myself that parenting is a FULL-TIME job last night. Little Guy has had a rough couple of nights lately but last night was the worst. For the first time in my parenting life, I had to get out of bed and walk/bounce for about an hour... twice. I know, lots of parents do that, but between co-sleeping and nursing on demand, I never have had to do that. I have always been able to get away with bouncing in the bed or laying my little one across my belly. And, ashamed though I am to admit it, I was not a happy camper. I desperately need every wink of sleep I can squeeze out of a night, so having to get up and deal with a screaming baby was not my idea of fun.

Funny thing is that parents get to gain a whole new appreciation for God in parenting. God describes Himself as our Heavenly Father, so He knows what it is like to have to be available at all hours. He doesn't sign off at night to have some 'me' time. He doesn't leave us to our own devices because 'now isn't a good time', and I don't see where He lets us 'cry it out' alone and unanswered. Nope. He is the perfect parent. He cares for us when we are needy, in pain, lonely, cranky, tired, or sick. And, I'm pretty sure He doesn't get as frustrated as I can when doing it.

So, I got to practice once again last night. I got to grow a bit more in grace, and I got to see how God loves us unconditionally - even if we cost Him a night's sleep (yes, I know He doesn't sleep but it was such a nice end to this entry....).

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