Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So, Little Tot has been randomly coming out with some strange sayings lately. Like yesterday, when her older sister was calling her to come and play, her response was "I can't. My meetings not done yet". Or after dinner last night when she left the table and said "I have to go throw up now" (thanks, kid:). However, today was the best because she said "Can I go to heaven? Please may I go to heaven please?" So, I decided to probe a bit and ask a few more questions. Next thing I knew, Little Tot, as only a two year old can, asked Jesus to forgive her sins/bad stuff she does, and come live in her heart, and let her go to heaven (that part was all her :). Does she fully 'get it'? No, but do I? Who can fully comprehend what Christ with His ultimate sacrifice did for us? For now, she gets that Jesus lives in her heart and she wants to make Him happy so she can go to heaven. I'll take it and treasure this moment forever.

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