Thursday, May 19, 2011

Some days...

Some days are just frustrating as a mom. They seem to come up out of the blue (though a week of rain seems to precipitate many of said days) and hit me over the head like a giant boulder. This is one of those days. We have done more 'take a break' and 'time out' and loss of privilege than we usually do in a week - and that was just the morning. It seems on days like this that my children have conspired against me because they all seem in on the behavior. I have a trifecta going today - all three are off and behaving in ways that are appalling. Maybe this is God's way of making sure that I don't miss the parenting seminar that is coming up this weekend. Maybe this is the devil trying a 'Job' experience on me (okay, so my house hasn't crushed my family so maybe not quite Job), or maybe it really is just that we have been cooped up for four days and we are all going stir crazy. Whatever it is, I am holding on and praying for God to guard my tongue and my mind and allow me to respond in a biblical way (no, not beating them :). May I respond as You would, the perfect parent, even when my children rebel and drive me crazy. And one is paging now, so I am off.

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