Sunday, May 22, 2011

National Center for Biblical Parenting

I had the privilege to attend the "Everyday Parents CAN Raise Extraordinary Kids" seminar at my church on Saturday. I have attended this seminar before, but that was back when my oldest was less than 18 months and the parenting challenges were a lot different back then. That first two years are like the honeymoon period. Yeah, there are challenges, but they are usually quite simply solved. The questions about how to deal with attitudes and disobedience hadn't really started yet. Now that we are in a different parenting stage, I wanted to get a refresher on how to deal with the new challenges we are facing. Anyway, the seminar was as good as I remembered it. The speakers really GET kids. They emphasize coming along side your child instead of viewing your child as someone who is annoying you and you need to control. Don't get me wrong, they don't believe in pushover parenting, but they teach how to take a heart based approach to parenting. It is powerful and invigorating to family life. Take a chance and check out what they have (the link is on the sidebar). I have read and/or own most of their resources and haven't found a bad one yet. The "Parenting is Heart Work" is probably the foundational book, but their other books are great too. I am currently taking their Biblical Parenting University course on "Taming Emotions in the Family". It has been good for teaching how to use anger in a healthy way - instead of allowing it to damage relationships. Biblical, solid, and empowering - I love this ministry :)

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