Wednesday, January 30, 2013

PS. for Swallows Nest

A quick PS to my last post.  We were able to get the blanket Rachel and Mom designed and made for Liliana and that we sent over to Swallows Nest last April.  We also were able to get her baby doll.  For her birthday last year, Swallows Nest bought Liliana a doll and a cake.  So now they are with her once more.
By the way, baby doll in Chinese is "wawa".  This is also the word for "baby".

Rachel's PS
Swallows Nest is a wonderful ministry that is funded through sponsors.  You can sponsor a nanny or a child and that amount goes to pay for all of the expenses of caring for these orphans.  Some have families working to come to get them and some do not have a family yet.  The monthly sponsorship also helps to cover medical care as well.  Liliana got a birthday party for probably the first time ever since she was at Swallows Nest - that is another thing that the monthly sponsorship goes to pay for.  Feel free to check out the link on the previous blog post to see their website and find out how you can get involved :)

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