Thursday, January 3, 2013


I should be used to this by now - it is a major part of adopting, but it doesn't really get easy.  It has gotten easier, if you can call it that.  God has been teaching me a LOT about patience and waiting on HIS timing throughout this adoption and throughout this past year as well.  Adoption is a growing experience in and of itself but couple it with giving birth to a child who decided to be 13 days late and there is one more element in the mix.

That all being said, God has been helping me to trust Him and His timing.  I have already seen how his timing with Myla coming first has been good for us.  It has allowed me a precious 2.5 months to bond with and love on the easiest baby EVER.  She is so very precious and I have been loving the uninterrupted time with her (if you can call baby of four uninterrupted...)

God knew better than we did what was best and I am trusting that He still knows that now while we are waiting to hear from immigration.  I am not stressing about how long it is taking, but I am excited to have it so close to being done.  I just can't wait to bring Liliana home!  Getting to shop for a few items for her has made it even more 'real' than before and we are all getting really excited.

That being said, I am also sad for Liliana.  This may sound strange, but hear me out.  Liliana will be leaving everything she has ever known - and not just for a new caregiver (she's done that plenty of times) but a completely foreign land, language, food, family, and experience - even the air will be different.  Everything she has ever known will disappear for her and that would be hard at any age but it is especially hard for a toddler/almost-preschooler.  My heart aches for her.  I know that it is for the best - a forever family is way better than an institution - no matter how wonderful that institution may be.  She will be loved and accepted and have opportunities here that she would never have in China.  But none of that softens the blow for her.  Please pray for her in the coming days that she would be ready as she can be for the huge transitions coming up and also that she will bond well.  She has had so many placement changes and is naturally shy and honestly, she is at a huge risk for significant attachment issues.

We will be doing things that we have learned are helpful to attaching (like not passing her around, limiting her world like a newborn for a while, keeping her with us exclusively for a while, purposely working to build attachment, etc.) but it is up to God to help to heal her heart.  Please pray for her and for us in this transition.

And, while you're praying, if you want to pray for speedy news from immigration as well as an opening for the consulate appointment, that would be more than welcomed.....

Thank you for walking through this journey with us and for your prayers and support.  We have been so blessed in this adoption and God has provided over and over for every need we have had with this whole thing.  To God be the glory!

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