Thursday, January 31, 2013

Waiting for an update

So for those of you who are obsessively refreshing this blog to see an update (of course you are all doing that right?) I thought I would let you know what's been going on.  B.J. wrote the blog post, but his email isn't working, so I don't have it yet to copy and paste for your reading enjoyment ;)

In the meantime, we are doing well on the home front.  We have continued to be blessed with meals, offers of help, encouraging notes, visits, and phone calls.  It has made such a huge difference for us.  I seem to have recovered from my 'mean mommy' day or two at the beginning of the week and we are back to hitting our stride.  I was able to get some great advice from a phone conversation with Scott over at the National Center for Biblical Parenting (have I mentioned how much I LOVE their stuff???) and we put it into practice today quite literally.  By the end of today, I was already seeing some progress which is always encouraging.  I'm curious how tomorrow will play out but today's success has me feeling upbeat about it all.

Elianna folding papers for her star
Janaya's star
Janaya folding for her star
This week, so far we have done crafts, played outside, gone on play dates outside the home, done schoolwork (some :), and visited with friends.  We had our preschool play date today at our house - which is always a highlight of the week for the girls as well as for me.  We get to have a dear friend and her three girls over and the girls play and have fun while we mommies talk and then we usually do some sort of fun learning activity.  Then we eat lunch, play some more, and head to naps.  After they left, the girls did some picking up before the UPS truck showed up with their new curvy boards (thanks to some birthday/Christmas money they had both been saving...).  The curvy boards were a huge hit and they played with them for the rest of the day.  Simeon wasn't too sure at first, but by bedtime, he was playing right along.  It also worked well for helping them get out some energy, so they were pretty tired for bedtime tonight (SCORE!!)  That makes two nights in a row.  Last night they were exhausted after spending the evening running and crashing all over the basement at my friend's house.  She invited us over, along with my sister and her kids, for dinner and a fun place to play.  The kids had a blast and even enjoyed getting to take baths over there, so they were already in their jammies by the time we got home.

We are keeping busy to try to pass the time.  Not that that is hard with four kiddos in the house!  I am still trying to get nesting projects done, but the progress is smaller and not as rewarding as the first few things were.  Oh well, progress is progress :)

B.J. and Liliana and Mom are still doing well.  Liliana has started having trouble with sleeping and I am guessing it has to do with all of the changes she is going through and maybe a bit of grieving as well.  You can pray for that.  We have gotten to Skype - usually twice a day and that has helped.  I get to just chat with her (as much as you can chat on a camera with a toddler) and watch her play.  She loves the hat I made her and wanted to sleep with it last night.  She calls it her 'mama hat'.  I love it!!!

Elianna's paper star she made (with a bit of help)
He loves to 'help' her whenever she is down on his level :)
Entertaining belly time

The girls getting out energy on their curvy boards
Janaya on her curvy board
The 'Crash Pad' at my friend/'boss' house

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