Thursday, February 2, 2012

Scrambling to get things together

Now that we have a kiddo in mind, my sense of urgency is even stronger to process through all the adoption paperwork in record time. I want to just get everything done NOW! Have I mentioned that patience is NOT a strength of mine? I hate 'just waiting'. As long as I have things to do, I feel like I am making progress - getting closer. But when I have to wait, it is frustrating. I know that the waiting hasn't even started yet, really, but all I want to do is have everything done and be on a plane to go get our little one! I know that God has lots to teach me in this time and I need to trust Him and His timing, but my mother-heart just wants to go get my baby. Please pray with me that my home study is completed in record time and passes all the checks to make sure it is right. Also please pray with me that our immigration form is processed in RECORD time (instead of the current 3 month wait). Finally, please pray that God will grant me the grace I need to trust His timing and provision.

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