Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Time for an update

We have our official PA (preliminary approval) and now we need to get our home study together and dossier finished. Both entail lots of paperwork chasing. We are also working on our mandated training and should have that done this week. The slow up in progress is starting to get frustrating! I know this is nothing compared to the immigration wait and the wait for travel approval, but I just want to go get my baby girl now!

So, I was looking around the web and came across this video and lo and behold, our baby girl is in it. She is called 'Liliana' and she is so precious. I absolutely love the ministry that Maria's Big House of Hope is doing in Ch*na!

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Tricia said...

OH my goodness! I want to hug them all. They are such beauties and adorable! I think if I was you I would watch this video 5 times a day! I'm glad that Lilianna was bless by this ministry!