Sunday, March 25, 2012

New pictures :)

Thanks to a friend of a friend (whom I have never met) my inbox this morning had a lot of pictures of Liliana from last summer at MBHOH. Isn't she darling in purple??? (biased, slightly... )

We are still waiting for our home study. We had our meeting last Monday and were told they were going to approve the home study after they added two paragraphs. It took three days to add those two paragraphs until it was finally sent to our main agency for review. That review will probably take a week and then our home study agency will make the changes, submit again for approval and eventually get us our notarized copies of our home study. Once we have those, we can get immigration started (I already have the forms done) and start applying for grants and planning our big fundraiser. This whole process is a huge exercise in faith. I don't understand the delays. Our home study has taken about 6 weeks longer than it should have so far and that is FRUSTRATING when I just want to get my baby girl home. She turns two on Tuesday and will spend anther birthday as an orphan. That breaks my heart. At this point, we are praying to get her home before her third birthday. God can work a miracle and make all the paperwork process in a faster timeline than is normal and I would love to see that happen, but I am learning that I have to trust Him no matter what. He knows the best time for Liliana to join our family and I have to choose to trust Him in this entire process. Yes, that includes trusting His timing too. I'm working on it....
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What a precious face!