Saturday, March 3, 2012


So this is apparently what strep throat looks least this time :) Elianna woke up Wednesday morning complaining that her throat hurt when she ate or drank. I figured it was probably just from the dry, overnight air, but figured I would keep an eye on things. She acted normal most of the day, but after looking at her throat (decently red) I figured a trip to the doctor's was in order. The earliest they could get me in was Thursday evening - which I figured would be just long enough for the throat to feel better, but better safe than sorry. I am always nervous about strep throat because of an Adventures in Odyssey broadcast from my childhood, but I digress.

We went to the doctors - Elianna for her sore throat, Janaya for her swollen eye, and Simeon for his well visit. Fortunately, Dr. Campbell was the doctor of the day (we LOVE her!!!) and she carefully examined Elianna. She told us that her glands were swollen, and though her throat didn't scream strep, she figured she would play it safe and do a strep test. Sure enough, strep. Since Janaya also had a bit of redness in her throat and swollen glands (and they sleep together, have toothbrushes together, etc.), the doctor put both of them on antibiotics.

Funny thing was, we couldn't start the antibiotics that night since the pharmacy took too long, but the next morning, Elianna came down the stairs and proudly announced to me that she felt much better. I told you Dr. Campbell was an amazing doctor..... :)

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