Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Medical Exam and Pearls

Today was our day to get Liliana's medical exam at the US Consulate.  She had to go to four different stations: E.N.T., height and weight, general medical exam, and TB test.  She did a great job and did not even cry when they drew blood for the TB test.  I think I was more nervous about having documents and going through the process than Liliana was.  Oh, and we had to get a picture for her records at the consulate.  Unlike the last time we took a picture (for her passport), this picture took only a moment (quite literally). 
Waiting at the US Consulate for the medical exam...Liliana
loves tickles :)
Following this, some of us went out to the pearl market to purchase some pearls.  Our reps took us to a reputable dealer.  I picked up pearl necklaces for Liliana, Rach, and the girls at home.  For Elianna, Janaya, Myla, and Liliana, these will be put away and given on a special occasion.  Wedding day makes sense but if God calls ones of them to a life of singlehood, I don't want that one to miss out.  So perhaps we'll pick an older birthday of some sort ... we'll see.  I also picked up a pearl necklace for Mom as a thank you gift for coming on this trip with me.
This evening we are taking a cruise on the Pearl River, having dinner aboard the ship, and touring the city by ship.  It should be a fun evening.

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