Thursday, February 7, 2013

So who this Liliana anyway?

Reading through these blog entries, you definitely get a good sense of what we are doing here.  You get some sense of how I am processing things, but you may still be wondering who this little girl we call Liliana is.  I mean, I've been staring at her picture for over a year, but it was not until I met her that I got to know her, and every day I discover something new.  So let me give you a little peak into the girl I'm still getting to know.

Liliana is a happy girl who is quite curious about the world around her.  She looks to understand what is going on and figure out how things work.  Though there are clear developmental delays from her days as an orphan, this little girl is bright (forget that poor brain development diagnosis).  She prefers to sit back and observe at first and take in her surroundings.  She may not say anything for a while, but she is observing and making notes.  She can be a bit shy in new situations and takes a while to warm up.  But before too long, she is active and involved with what is going on.  She enjoys food.  Though her size does not show it, the girl eats more than any of our other kids ever have, and she is willing to try all kinds of new foods.  At the same time, she does have preferences and is not afraid to express her preference for one type of food on her plate over another with a simple "No thank you" type face and a pointing to something else. 

At times Liliana has an opinion on what she wants to do, and she struggles to accept when she cannot have it.  She definitely makes plans in her head for how to use her time.  Whether she is strong-willed or not is not clear though I am sure she will let us know in due time.  Liliana is very affectionate and give hugs (and an occasional kiss).  She enjoys tickles and laughing.  She also imitates Daddy.  Liliana is a determined little girl who fights against any physical struggles she may face (which is good because she's got them).  She's got lots of rough spots (like grabbing at things or crying when told no) that are clearly from her background and only love, time, coaching, and experiences within our family and with God will help these rough spots smooth out.  She's got a great giggle and a smile that lights up a room.

So that's Liliana at a glance.  Like I said, every day I learn something new about her.  Then again, I learn something new about a lot of people everyday. 

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