Sunday, February 10, 2013

Not a lot of time

We have been all back together for just over 24 hours and while it is going as well as can be expected, it is busy around here which hasn't given me a chance to blog.  The most I have done is to take a few videos to share.  I promise to catch up blogging soon though....

What I can say so far is that Liliana is an amazing little girl.  She can already say please, down, help, no, all done, more, hi, daddy, and mama.  She can repeat each of her siblings names too.  She can copy motions and signs very quickly and she has a great pencil grip, though her scribbles are very light and lacking much pressure.  By tonight, she was initiating play with Elianna and trying to take toys from Simeon :). I would say she is getting more comfortable with us.  She did a great job in church today, as did all the kiddos.

She has started initiating me holding her and playing with her.  She has a great smile and an infectious laugh.  I don't think she is used to as much physical movement as she got today as she was exhausted by the end!

Elianna and Janaya are quite taken with Liliana and have both told me how glad they are that she is home in our family.  Simeon has been very generous and sharing with Liliana and jumped in with Liliana and me to sing some songs today.  They also shared some fun times over dinner tonight...they both love to eat.  Myla has been a dream as always.

Please pray for lots of strength, energy, and patience for all of us.  It is a big transition and those things are always welcomed.  Our house is busier than ever and I wouldn't want it any other way.

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