Thursday, February 7, 2013

Snow Close Yet Snow Far Away

So apparently after a year or two of very mild winters with little to no snow, we're going to have the backlog of snow dumped on top of the Northeast/New England region at precisely the same time as we're trying to fly into Newark Airport.  Fabulous timing.  :)
I have very mixed emotions right now as I read the weather updates and talk to Rachel about what the forecast looks like.  This snow storm is no surprise to God, and He will guide us home.  It may or may not be the route we planned or wanted, but it is the one He will design.  I'd rather not have to deal with all of this especially with Liliana in tow, but somehow we will make it home.  I am even more concerned about three other adoptive families on the flight with us.  They all have connecting flights to get to.  So while I may be struggling with trying to land in Newark to meet my family and take a train home, these three other families have connecting flights to get to and an additional leg of their trip to take. 
Please pray for traveling mercies and that He clears a path like He once did through the Red Sea.  You know, Moses did not expect to take that route but it is the one that God provided.  So while I'd love to think that such a prayer would result in God parting the snow over Newark (which it could since He's God and can do cool stuff like that), He may have another route planned for us just as He did for Moses and the Israelites.  As long as His hand is guiding us, we will be OK. 

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